School Info

Noelani Elementary School is located at 2655 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, Telephone: (808) 988-1858, FAX (808) 988-1855, email

Office Hours: 7,30AM - 4,00 PM daily
Phone Numbers: School Office: (808) 988-1858 or (808) 988-1857
                         Health Room: (808) 988-0473
                         SSC: (808) 988-0474
                         FAX: (808) 988-1855
                         Noelani A+ After School Care: (808) 988-1851
School Hours: M, T, R, F: 8,00AM - 2,15PM
                         W: 8,00AM - 1,30PM (early dissmisal)
                         tardy bell rings at 8,05AM every morning
Lunch schedule: Grades K-2: 11,00 AM - 11,45 AM
                         Grades 3-5: 11,45 AM - 12, 30 PM

Nestled in Manoa Valley, a very old and established community, the school has grown from a one building school in 1962 to its present design with over six buildings.

The school is currently undergoing renovations, electrical upgrades and a new multi-purpose playcourt will be added as well. You can find renovation updates on the school's website:

On the school's website, you can also find a wealth of other information, announcements and reminders:
1) General Information:
2) School Forms
3) Parent Resources
4) Faculty Sites